Beautiful plus size boudoir photography

October 18, 2023

Have you always loved the idea of having a boudoir photoshoot but hesitated because you are plus size? Well, if so, let me tell you something…boudoir photography is for everyone, including curvy and plus size women.

As a London boudoir photographer who has worked with women of all ages and sizes, I can assure you, boudoir-style photography is for EVERY body shape and size, NOT just for those who are slim.

It’s an incredibly fun and empowering thing to do, whatever your body shape!  

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Boudoir for plus size women

Let’s have a reality check for a moment….These days, the average dress size in UK is 14. Most women do not wear UK size 6 or 8, and we shouldn’t feel bad about that. 

Despite what fashion magazines, TV programmes and social media channels like Instagram and TikTok may make us believe, there is no one definition of beauty. We certainly don’t need to all be super slim to be beautiful.

If you are a plus size woman, why should you not celebrate your body as any other woman would? Those gorgeous curves are something to celebrate! Don’t hide away your body or tell yourself that you’re ‘too big’ for boudoir!

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Plus size boudoir posing

Many of the women I photograph are plus size and have amazing curves. Here I’m sharing examples of portraits from recent photoshoots, and I share more before and after photographs elsewhere on my website too. Surely you agree that all these curvy women look incredible?

While I occasionally work with models, day-to-day it’s real women that I photograph, not models, and that includes many women who are plus size. They are real women, with amazing bodies.

Whether my curvy clients knew how fabulous they were before their shoot or not, a portrait or boudoir photography experience with me always makes them look and feel sensational!


Boudoir plus size photography

In my opinion, there is far too much emphasis on social media, and in society in general, on how women ‘should’ look. Society’s definition of how beauty and sexiness is defined is dangerous and potentially damaging to women’s self-esteem.

The idea that women are not ‘sexy’ if they are no longer young or if their dress size is a ‘large’ or ‘extra large’ rather than a ‘small’ or ‘medium, is completely wrong.

 Women are no less appealing and no less sexy simply because they are plus size.

Curvy boudoir: Boost your self-esteem and celebrate your curves!

I also passionately believe that if you have self-doubts because your body shape doesn’t conform to the media images in advertisements and magazine covers, having a set of beautifully and tastefully crafted boudoir images can be the best investment.

A boudoir photoshoot is an experience for you to see yourself in a new light, resurrect your belief in yourself, and feel absolutely beautiful.

The portraits will remind you of how amazing you are and re-establish your self-worth.


Empowering women with plus size boudoir photography

I have had the pleasure working with many plus size and curvy women.

As a female boudoir photographer who is passionate about empowering women, it gives me much joy to see the sparkles in these women’s eyes when they see themselves in the photos – even if just on the back of the camera during the shoot.

Many of my female clients become emotional seeing their final images presented. These are photos that remind them: they can be sex sirens, and that all body shapes can be desirable.

Indeed, many tell me that booking their boudoir photography experience was the best thing they have ever done for themselves.

Plus size boudoir photography portraits

I want to spread the message that curvy and plus size women can look just as incredible as professional models with the right photographer.

An expert and empathetic photographer who has good understanding of female body shapes, an eye for details and the right skillsets to bring the best out of you is the key to a successful shoot.

I have many years of experience in creating beautiful plus size boudoir photography portraits, so if you’re looking for a plus size boudoir photography service in London, I can help.

I work with normal women, who have curves and imperfections and who have very limited experience, if any, of being in front of professional cameras. It is my passion to help my female clients to embrace their curves and celebrate their beauty through empowering portraits. 

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What is included in the boudoir photo shoot experience?

Before each photo shoot, I spend time with my clients to understand their style and looks that best suit them. The boudoir photo session starts with an expert makeup and hair. It is a great way to feel pampered, elevate confidence and get my women camera ready!

During the shoot, I give my clients detailed instructions to maximise their body shapes and emphasize the female hour-glass figures. After all, it is not the absolute body size that makes us look sexy: it is the chest, waist and hip ratio that brings out the siren in us.

I create boudoir photos that embrace and enhance your curves. Plus, I use flattering lighting and great styling and posing to create truly magazine worthy boudoir photographs. 

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Treat yourself with plus size boudoir photography experience

If you have been considering having a boudoir or lingerie photo shoot to showcase your curves and flatter your plus size body, look no further. It is time to get comfortable in your own skin, treat yourself and feel gorgeous!

I am a London based female boudoir photographer with a published and awarded boudoir portfolio. To see more of my boudoir images and to discover the way I work, please look around.

When you are ready to book and feel transformed, get in touch to book your plus size boudoir photography experience with me. I would love to hear from you!