Empowerment photography: portrait into boudoir

December 5, 2023

Empowerment photography: portrait into boudoir

As a photographer of women, I very much see my photography services as empowerment photography. A portrait or boudoir photo shoot can be an incredibly empowering experience. It allows individuals to reclaim and celebrate their unique beauty and identity, for them to come out of their shells and see themselves in new light. An empowerment photo shoot is so much more than just photos: it is about transformations and self-values. It is about dreams coming true. Empowerment photography promotes body positivity and self-worth. It is about us women, making statements and owning them.

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The importance of feeling empowered

In an era dominated by digital presence and social media, women can constantly feel judged on their appearance. A survey conducted by the Women and Equalities Committee in 2020 suggested that 6 out of 10 women in the U.K. feel negatively about their bodies. Often women feel they are not ‘enough’ or up to society’s standards.

To counter that, a set of great portrait or boudoir photographs do wonders for a woman’s self-confidence and mental health.

Most importantly, I believe this shouldn’t be the privilege of women who own media-perfect bodies. I genuinely believe there is beauty in every woman, at every age, every body shape and cultural background. As an award winning female photographer London, my mission is to empower ALL women.

Fusing portrait and boudoir photography

I am a photographer of women and I offer both portrait and boudoir photography services to my female clients. If both genres excite you, you can contemplate having both elements in one single empowerment photography photo shoot session. Whichever type of garments and level of intimacy you prefer, empowerment photography is about expressing you in your best selves. In both genres I work with women through the use of posing, lighting and photographic techniques to bring out the best faces and body shapes in them.


An empowerment photography shoot published in Desir Magazine

Now let me show you an empowerment photo shoot I have done that cross multiple genres, which also happens to be published on Desir magazine front cover and major feature. There is also an interview with me also regarding my inspiration to empower women through stunning photography!

The essence of empowerment photography

When I planned the photo shoot with Sarah, we envisioned a variety of looks to emphasise the versatility of women. In a day-to-day basis we often wear multiple hats! We wanted to create looks that encompass glamour, femininity, vulnerability, and with anticipation.

Transforming from portrait into boudoir look by female photographer London

We decided on two elegant and glamourous portrait looks, one with a red ruffled layered tulle dress, and one with a dark green floor length dress with a front split and belt. Both looks are transformed into boudoir look during the empowerment photography session by varying the theme and vibe.

We started the photo shoot with the red dress. I set up red tulle on a back ground stand; Sarah being a dancer swiftly moved among the draped tulle that are in a sychornised shade with the dress. Then without the dress but with the addition of a pair of long lush red satin gloves, we switched into a sultry boudoir scene with focus of her covered in red tulle.


Transforming portrait to boudoir look in the same outfit by altering the vibe

The second transformational look starts with Sarah wearing a sophisticated green maxi dress. After capturing a variety of fashion inspired portrait images, we spiced up the scene into a sexy inviting vibe simply by opening the dress zip and revealing her back. All in a sudden we are in boudoir territory! I have zoomed closer in with my camera lens gradually, till her back filled the photographic frame and became the main focus. All in a sudden the photographic images were flooded with sensuality.


Implied nude boudoir in an empowerment photo shoot

Staying in the same photoshoot setting with the dark green textured background, we composed a variety of art nude images with Sarah sitting down. These images were so elegant and feminine they were among our firm favourites!

More boudoir looks

We then created a varied boudoir photography imageries in different looks with different lingerie items, backgrounds, props and lighting. We have looks including bra and underwear set, bralette, bridal veil, lace robe. I have also wrapped Sarah simply in tulle and flowers for a creative romantic boudoir look!

Which look appeals to you the most?


Are your ready for that huge confidence boost?

If you ever look at my portrait and boudoir photography portfolio, think those women are absolutely gorgeous but it couldn’t be you: LET ME PROVE YOU WRONG. Empowerment photography is for every woman, woman just like you and me. Through expert posing, lighting and camera techniques, as a female photographer London, I can bring out the very best in you.


You can see more of the transformations here and see what my clients say about their experiences!