Capturing the essence of your events

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Let an experienced London event photographer capture the visual narrative of your events

Whether it is a corporate event, an awards ceremony or a private party, you have made a substantial effort to make it happen and to make it incredible for your guests. Your event therefore deserves to be captured in professional quality photographs.

Choose me as your London event photographer and I can preserve memories through high-quality event photography. Vibrant, emotional and dynamic, my event photography will record all the special moments of the occasion.

High-quality photos of corporate events become valuable marketing assets for businesses and can be used in promotional materials, presentations and press releases, fostering a positive brand reputation. They also showcase the company's values and entice engagement. Having a wide variety of event imagery also helps to ensure a robust presence on digital platforms and drives audience engagement.

When it comes to personal events and celebrations, event photography becomes a cherished archive. The resulting images become mementoes, transporting you back to the joyous moments shared with friends and loved ones every time you look upon them.



Many of my event photography clients use the opportunity of everyone being together at an event to also organise portrait photos of individuals and/or groups. Whether it be your extended family portrait, team branding photos, or corporate headshots, events are great opportunities to have those additional portraits taken. After all, it may not be an everyday occurrence that you have the full team or everyone under one roof.

Whether for your corporate marketing materials, internal communications or external public relations purposes, you can make your event more memorable by arranging for a portrait photography session.

As an award-winning London portrait photographer and an experienced London event photographer, I can bring out the best in your people and your brand.


Types of Event photography offered


Corporate event photography London

Corporate event photography plays a big part in capturing the essence and significance of corporate gatherings, conferences, and functions. It captures key moments that reflect a company's culture, values and the buzz the events create. These event photography images are essential for marketing materials, internal communications and social media content.


Award ceremonies and presentations

I understand it takes a huge amount of effort to organise ceremonies, awards and presentations. You deserve to have the best event photography to preserve memories of triumph, dedication and excellence during your important event! Great event photos showcase the vibe as well as the emotions and reactions displayed during an event.

Very importantly, event images serve as powerful marketing, public relations and promotional tools. They help to demonstrate an organisation's commitment to recognising talent, and create desire thereby helping to attract future award applications!

pr photography - girls football team holding a cheque

PR photography

Compelling PR photography helps to build trust, credibility, and engagement with your targeted audience. It plays a pivotal role in shaping the public image and perception of a company, brand, or individual.

High-quality PR photography images can be used in press releases, media pitches and promotional materials to enhance storytelling. They attract attention from journalists, influencers and the general public. Whether capturing product launches, corporate events, or community initiatives, PR photography serves a key role in reinforcing brand identity, values, and reputation.


Private parties and events

A skilled party and event photographer plays an important part in recording the joy, energy, and presence of social gatherings and celebrations. They can help to ensure memories of personal gatherings, that are meaningful to you and your close ones, are preserved. Whether it is a multi-generational get-together, a birthday party, an anniversary celebration or something else entirely, I can bring to life, through event photography, the heartfelt interactions and emotional connections created during your special occasion.