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Hello! I’m Belinda Burton

I am obsessed with all forms of beauty, whether in the mode of observing or creating.

As a portrait photographer and a makeup artist, I am blessed with the gifts to express beauty through my camera lens.

Ladies, I understand your potential and your vulnerability. We women are always the harshest critics of ourselves, and there are times when we doubt our capabilities. I am one of you. Cameras may not flatter everyone by default, but as a skilled and experienced portrait photographer, I can help bring out the best in you.

Being a female photographer in London, it is my passion to empower all women, no matter what age, size, race or occupation. All of us are worthy of admiration.

Let me work my magic and take you through your bespoke discovery journey. I'll create images that remind you that you ARE worth it, at all times.

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empowerment through portrait photography

Before photography became my profession, I used to be a keen amateur who photographed landscapes and travel. Then I discovered photographing people, and the mystery of how people could look substantially different on paper compared to in real person. There started my lifelong passion of perfecting portrait photography.

I believe beauty comes from within, but I also believe how we look affects how we feel.

As an award-winning female photographer in London, my mission is to create stunning portrait photos of men and women and to make you feel empowered and confident.

I create portrait photos that you will be proud to own and even have on your walls at home.

My work has been published in magazines and has been recognised in international photography awards. Ultimately though, it is my clients' satisfaction and endorsement that matters most to me.

Thank you for your interest in my photography services. I would love to capture you in portraits. Bringing you happiness through portrait photography also makes me extremely happy.

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Want to know more? Intrigued by what I have shared above about empowerment through my lens? Then take a look at my media features and interviews.

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