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Couples Photo Shoot

Let's celebrate love and togetherness

Among a world of billions, you met, you felt connected, you fell in love.

All love stories are worth celebrating.

When it is for celebrating engagement, anniversaries, special occasions or just you two being together, an invigorating couples photo shoot would capture those sparkles and retain those memories for you forever. I create fine art, fashion inspired couple photography in London and beyond.

Have that love and laughter recorded

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Couple photography

The extraordinary out of the ordinary

A fashion inspired couples photoshoot that is magazine worthy


In my couples photoshoot, it is much more than two people posing together in the photos.

They are stylish photos of two people in love, that remind you of a Vanity Fair magazine cover. Or they transform you into a film set of a Hollywood love movie.

We make sure women in the couple photography portraits receive celebrity-like treatments by having their makeovers performed by professional makeup and hair artists. Through styling, posing and photographic techniques, they are ready to shine.


Why to work with me?

why couple photography?

Apart from being in love, these can be some of your reasons in having a dynamic couple photoshoot:

♥ mark special occasions such as anniversary

♥ as an engagement photoshoot

♥ as a post-wedding photoshoot (especially if you don't have enough opportunity during your wedding day to have those gorgeous portrait photos)

♥ with both parents-to-be taking part in a pregnancy photoshoot

♥ record your love story in an exotic location

♥ revisit your love journey

♥ fall in love with each other all over again

I am an award winning London based photographer with much of my work published.

I first stepped into professional photography as a wedding photographer. Photographing couples, capturing the essence of them in love in a fine art and poetic way is one of my forte. As a female photographer dedicated to empowering women through stunning imagery of them, capturing beauty and love are always close to my heart.


Couples Photoshoot: Studio or Location?

Studio couple photography

on location couple photography