What is boudoir photography?

November 25, 2021

The word boudoir itself comes from a French word which means a woman’s private salon, or private dressing room.

Believe it or not, boudoir photography can be dated back to as early as 1840! It is an art form of expressing women in intimate, sensual, romantic and sometimes erotic images in a bed room or relatively private setting.

Often women are expressed in intimate ways that are suggestive, and the images may be intended for private enjoyment only and shared with selected audience.

Is boudoir photography for models only?

Boudoir photos are meant to reveal the sensuality and intimacy of all women; they are not particularly intended for models, unlike fashion photography.

You may think – how do I know how to pose for photos, especially boudoir, if I am not a model?

I know, the thought of being in front of the camera can be a bit nerve wrecking, not to mention you will be in your private wear, with more skin exposed than normal! That’s why it is crucial to find a boudoir photographer that you can trust and feel safe with. As a female boudoir photographer, I understand your vulnerability from a female perspective. I also have thorough understanding of women’s body shapes and how to flatter them, regardless of shape and size you are in. It is my job to direct you into poses that enhance your body shape and make you look most stunning. It is not your responsibility to know how to pose at all!

What should we wear for boudoir photography?

Lingerie is always a favourite for boudoir photography because it’s intimate and suggestsive. However, don’t forget that there are other things you might wear in your private salon – like an oversized jumper or shirt of yours plus anything from briefs, skimpy dresses to robes! And what about just wearing bedsheets? The possibilities are endless when exploring fine art style boudoir photo shoot with us. We will give lots of advice during planning sessions based on what you like and how YOU want the images taken. so they reflect YOUR persona.

How about posing nude?

We welcome nudity but it is not essential in boudoir photography. Eventually it comes down with what you are comfortable with and what kind of images you would like to create with us. If you choose to be naked or half naked, we would like your nudity photos to exude a sense of fine art and be tasteful. There is also a variation of implied or explicit nudity. You can choose to have you key private parts covered but with remaining skin exposed for implied nude photos.

Does my face has to be in the boudoir photos?

Sensual, suggestive or even erotic photos can take place without showing your faces! It can be just a body part of yours, or you not looking into the camera. Those pictures can mean just as much to you or to people you want to share the images with.

What is the mood in the boudoir photos?

Often there is an air of sensuality, intimacy, freedom and hint of seduction in our boudoir photos. However, we love our boudoir women being powerful, independent and playful too!

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The possibilities of having your amazing boudoir images are endless!