Boudoir Magazine Cover: Behind the scenes of a boudoir shoot in London

September 23, 2023

One of our clients – Sam’s – boudoir photographs were published on cover and double page spreads of Maxi Boudoir magazine! I am so proud of her! As a boudoir photographer in London, it is my mission to empower women by creating the most stunning photographs of them and see them flourish.  

With an infectious smile and curvaceous body, Sam dreamt of being a lingerie model when she was young. Then motherhood took over and she put her dreams aside for a substantial period of time. Sounds familiar? Many women would relate  to that story. We get lost in the duty of being a primary care taker and park our desires aside. As a boudoir photographer it is so important for me to bring out the va va voom in you in our boudoir photography session. It is a safe space where you put yourself at the front first!

Let’s have a peek on what took place during our boudoir photography session with Sam and the various boudoir photography style we created for her. Read on if you are looking for boudoir style inspirations and boudoir pose ideas!

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Boudoir style with black lace bodysuit

Sam was one of our winners in our joint competition held with Suspect Lingerie. Sam chose this stunning black lace bodysuit from Suspect Lingerie’s tempting collection. It had a unique asymmetric opening on the shoulder, which is both striking and daring at the same time. It was simply a perfect fit for her and showcased her body as is!

As a boudoir photographer in London, I put much thought into sets creations that match and compliment the outfits of my clients. Styling in a boudoir photo shoot contributes heavily to the overall aesthetic of final boudoir photographs. Here I had set up a turquoise blue canvas background to frame the black lace bodysuit and Sam’s flowing voluminous hair. We created a variety of poses with Sam sitting or kneeling on the floor. The different boudoir poses portray very different vibes to the boudoir photographs created. The kneeling pose on the boudoir magazine cover radiates with sultriness and confidence, whereas the other sitting pose here gives a sense of elegant femininity. Which boudoir pose appeals to you more?

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Boudoir style with black see-through dress

Another boudoir look we created in front of the turquoise blue photography backdrop is the layering of black lingerie set with a black see through dress. While the lingerie set accentuates the body’s natural curves, the see-through dress further adds an element of suggestive allure. Here we created boudoir portrait with a fashion feel, combining stylish look with elegance.


Dark boudoir mood

For those who have followed my work as a boudoir photographer in London, you will probably notice that I love creating a dark boudoir mood. In this boudoir setting I have my subjects dressed in black , while photographed in front of a black background. By using a dark, monochromatic color scheme, we inject an air of sophistication and timelessness to the images. The darkness also adds an element of mystery and sensuality!

Here we created two looks with the solid black background. The first one had Sam smiling in an elegant lace bodysuit, and the second one was a teasing implied nude boudoir photograph, where Sam shone together with the statement diamante necklace. Which one appealed more to you?


Sitting boudoir poses on a red arm chair

Sam’s lingerie outfits were primarily black in colour. Hence it was great to introduce colourful props into the photography set. We teamed her boudoir look with a big comfortable red arm chair to create an effortless chic and sultry look.

Sam wore her black lingerie set with suspender and stockings for this editorial style look. Her black high heels – the infamous Christina Louboutin stilettos with red soles – also came into play. They blended in perfectly between the black and red colour combinations! Sam comfortably sank into the big arm chair in a variety of close-up and wide angle shots, and we ended up with a range of girl-next-door to sex goddess look!

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Timeless white sheet boudoir look

We also have Sam captured in the white sheet boudoir look. This is one of my perennial favourite being a boudoir photographer! It was a look inspired by Marilyn and a testament to her status as a legendary sex symbol. We had Sam lying on the bed, covered only by a loosely draped, pristine white bedsheet. The sheet was strategically arranged to reveal just enough of her figure to keep the imagination flowing. It was a pose combining vulnerability, sensuality and seductiveness!

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Having me as your boudoir photographer in London

When choosing a boudoir photographer, you’re not just selecting someone to capture your intimate moments. You are entrusting an artist with the power to celebrate your sensuality and empower your self-confidence.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the diverse beauty of women, I strive to elevate every boudoir photoshoot into an empowering experience. My skills in lighting, composition, and post-processing ensure that your images will not only be stunning but also an authentic reflection of your unique allure.

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Whether you desire classic elegance, playful allure, or bold sensuality, I offer a variety of styles to cater to your preferences, ensuring that your boudoir photos become a personal celebration of your strength and beauty.

With me as your boudoir photographer, you’ll not only see yourself in a new light but also feel the profound empowerment that comes from embracing your true self. Please do contact me for a chat to explore what we can create together!

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