Quiz: Are you ready for a boudoir photo shoot?

August 20, 2023

Are you ready for your boudoir photo shoot?

If you are wondering if now is the right time for your boudoir photo shoot, let’s do the quiz below. I am a London boudoir photographer and let me help you assess whether you are ready!

1. Do you know what is boudoir photography?

If you have a good idea about boudoir photography, chances are there you are paying attention to this empowering genre of female intimate portraits already.

The word boudoir comes from a the French language in reference to a private dressing room. Boudoir photography therefore is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing intimate, sensual and relatively private images of individuals. The subjects are often captured in lingerie or rather intimate clothing, in a tasteful and artistic manner.

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2. Are you ready for a big confidence boost made possible by a boudoir photo shoot?

A boudoir photography session is potentially the biggest confidence for women, when they experience the transformation and see themselves in a different light. Do you ever wonder what would you be like being on THAT magazine cover? Being in a boudoir confidence shoot will bring out that star quality in you. You will find out that you can just be as amazing and beautiful, when styled and attended to by professional crew and captured in camera by the highly skilled professional boudoir photographer.

A boudoir photo shoot will help you conquer your fear and insecurity, when you entrust your photographer, step out of your comfort zone and put your vulnerability aside.

3. Are you ready for some self-care and pampering?

Have you been burying yourself in your busy work and home life, and constantly forget to leave time for yourself? Are you the carer of many but rarely care for yourself? Your boudoir photo shoot day is the one day you put aside for yourself and focus purely on yourself. You will be pampered by professional makeup artist and hair stylist, and given the best care and guidance from your boudoir photographer who focuses on making you feel and look amazing.


4. Do you want the current moments recorded?

Would you like to have the beautiful moments of you as you are now recorded?

My boudoir photography clients come to me from all stages in life. There is no absolute rule in which is the best stage in life to recorded – all stages are worthy of remembering and celebration.

Some women would like to have their young bodies remembered when they are in peak form; some would like to have them recorded in later stages in life when they feel more mature and experienced about life. Some may want to record around key events in life, such as child birth, major birthdays, wedding, and anniversaries. Whichever stage we are in life, our bodies and our mind-set reflect our achievements, maturity and wisdom. They are all pieces of art waiting to be seen, cherished and remembered – whether just by yourself or with your intimate circle. A boudoir photo shoot provides the ultimate capture of these art pieces.


5. Are you content with your current body shape?

This may be a question that triggers the most thoughts. In honesty, very rarely is a woman completely happy with her body shape and form. We’re constantly bombarded by these unrealistic standards from the media – as if anyone’s really supposed to look like Barbie? The reality is, we’re all regular individuals with our own unique bodies; we’re not plastic dolls. Our bodies are marked by both strengths and imperfections.

Having a boudoir photo shoot is the best way to endorse and accept our body as it is. Tell your photographers the body parts you cherish the most and they can skilfully accentuate those features.

By communicating to your photographers the parts of your body you cherish most, they can skillfully accentuate these features.

Now, some might say, “Wait, let me shed a few pounds before I’m camera-ready.” However, a super skilled boudoir photographer has the skill sets to enhance your body’s contours through artful positioning and lighting. One of my specialties is creating or accentuating the classic hourglass silhouette through strategic poses, angles, lighting, and photographic techniques. So, those extra pounds you’re stressing about? They might not be such a big deal after all.

But here’s the thing: if your plan involves shedding some weight and then treating yourself to a boudoir shoot, that’s totally understandable. My take? When you’re feeling confident about your body, it absolutely comes through in the photos. My aim is to make your boudoir session something exceptional for you. Ultimately, those photos are an investment in something truly special that you’ll always feel proud to look back on, no matter when that might be.

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6. Do you know what boudoir photography style you like?

Do you know what boudoir photography style appeals to you? What is your preference: contemporary or vintage pin-up style? Would you like fresh airy feel or dark and moody? How about choosing between classic or creative looks? Even if you don’t have the words to describe the styles you like, it is important that you understand visually which t type of boudoir photography work appeal to you.

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7. Have you found your perfect boudoir photographer?

It is important to find a boudoir photographer whose work aligns with your vision and how you would like to see yourself in. Once you see a boudoir photographer for whom you like his / her work, look into their profile, how they work, and their reviews. It is important that this is someone you can trust in creating these most transformational and intimate portraits of you in a boudoir photo shoot.

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Verdict: Are you ready for a boudoir photo shoot?

If you score at least 4 yes out of the 7 questions, I would say you are ready or almost! Now is the time to take it to the next step – find that photography you love and engage in a conversation with him/her! It is time to park your self-doubts and believe you can be INCREDIBLE!

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