Tips for how to be comfortable in front of camera: London boudoir photography

August 6, 2023

Boudoir photography is a genre of portrait photography that is intimate yet particularly empowering. It is an endearing and unforgettable occasion. It allows express your own individuality, sensuality, sexuality and personal style. As a result of your boudoir photo shoot, you will see yourself in a completely different light and celebrate your body as it is!

Women often feel a bit more vulnerable than usual in a boudoir photo shoot setting and that is totally normal. Ultimately in a boudoir photography session, we are likely to be revealing more of our flesh than usual and wearing more personal items than we are accustomed to. This is in addition to the fact that most of us are rarely photographed in front of a professional camera!

Here being a London boudoir photographer, I would like to share with you some tips for how to be comfortable in front of camera, especially in light of a boudoir photography session.

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Remember why we would like to have boudoir photo shoot

For many women, boudoir photography is a unique opportunity for self-expression and confidence boost. Some clients come to me for boudoir photo shoot London in celebration of a mile stone. Others come for creation of intimate gifts for their special someone. There are also clients who want to record their stages in lives as are. And plenty of women are in search of a new confidence of themselves.

For many, a boudoir photo shoot is something they have been contemplating for a long time. Whatever their reasons are, I can assure you: you will experience the biggest confidence boost, ever.

Many women may be slightly nervous at the beginning of the photography session. Often I witness that as they transform and see some of the alluring images captured on my camera, they confidence level picks up. As a result, they increasingly become more relaxed in front of the camera.

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Body positivity

It is normal that as women, we view ourselves with the most critical eyes. With the media cookie cutter that gives a narrow definition of perfect body types, often we cast self-doubts on ourselves as we don’t fall into those categories.

Seeing our bodies through the artistic camera lens is a great way for us to embrace our bodies as are. It helps us to see that beauty exists in all body shapes.

Even though some of the uncomfortable feeling comes from the anxiety of being judged in front of the camera, feeling positive about your body is key to overcoming camera shyness. It is important that you embrace the best features of your body, rather than find flaws about your own self. Do remember: there is absolutely no judgment in my London boudoir photography studio. As a female London boudoir photographer, I understand no bodies are perfect and every body shape is unique.

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Finding a boudoir photographer with the right skill sets

Do you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera because you don’t know how you will appear in the camera lens? I am a woman photographer, so I get you.

Many of us feel that we don’t photographed well, that the camera lens does not do us justice. I am one of them, to be honest!

Finding a boudoir photographer with the right skill sets are of particular importance. I hone my skills in photographing people, especially women, over years of learning and experience. Having the right poses, angles, lighting and set are crucial in creating stunning boudoir pictures. With me as your boudoir photographer, it is much more than pressing the camera shutter in front of you. I will give you all the detailed guidance you need during the shoot and coach you on your posing to achieve best results.  

Establish trust with your London boudoir photographer

It is crucial that you are in a safe and comfortable environment for a boudoir photography session. Hence establishing trust with your boudoir photographer is of particular importance. It is best to communicate with your photographer in advance to make sure he / she is trust worthy; understand the environment your photographer works in, and look for third party reviews. If there is anything you are particularly concerned about, make sure it is addressed in your pre-shoot communications such that you and your photographer are on the same page.

I am a female London boudoir photographer working exclusively with female team in a relaxed studio environment. We respect clients’ privacy and understand how it feels being on the vulnerable side!

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Feel prepared

Often not knowing what to expect will put us in more nerves. Getting prepared ahead of the shoot is important to getting yourself comfortable for the unique experience – whether it is packing your items for the shoot, getting your nails polished. If you come on a boudoir photo shoot with me, I will guide you through your planning and steps, so you will arrive at your session knowing you haven’t missed anything!

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Dress for success

Wearing items you love and reflective of your style will get you ready for the mood for your boudoir photography shoot. With lingerie and other clothing items that are fitted and flattering on you, you will start to get in touch with your sensuality and be expressive.

If you are unsure about what is suitable to wear for your boudoir photo shoot, please check out my other blog article here.

Outfits are also something we discuss in our planning consultation – so we will have it covered!


Professional makeup and hair

To me as an experienced portrait and boudoir photographer, professional makeup and hair is non-negotiable for great London boudoir photography. Not only is it an important element to create the perfect looks; the makeup and hair session also provides a great pampering and calming treat for my female clients. Often I see their confidence level picks up right after they check their new looks in the mirror!

London boudoir photographer

I hope these tips for how to be comfortable in front of camera help give you the assurance you need to book for or plan your London boudoir photography session!

Do you have more questions in mind you would like to ask? I offer obligation-free exploration consultations to answer your questions, or for you to see we are good fits to work together. Let’s get connected and please fee free to contact me here.