Pregnancy photography: Top 10 tips and ideas

April 22, 2024

Congratulations if you are an expectant mother! Now you are in this precious and important stage of motherhood, you most probably would love to have some beautiful pregnancy photos taken of this blossoming period. Whether you are considering attempting pregnancy photography at home or hiring a professional maternity photographer, look no further for my top 10 tips and ideas!

Why should we have pregnancy photos taken?

Pregnancy photos record a significant and beautiful moment in your life journey. In particular, they preserve the essence of this special time in your life and create memories that you can cherish forever.

Great pregnancy photography helps to:

Document the pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is a unique and transformative experience. You may want to document this journey and have it on records for when your little one grows up!

Celebrate the miracle of life

Pregnancy photography allows you to celebrate and honour the miracle of life .

Create bonding experience:

Couples or families taking part in a pregnancy photoshoot can be an unforgettable bonding experience. The maternity photography session also serves as a great reminder of your love and chemistry that grow into the next generation!

Empowerment and self-confidence

Pregnancy can bring about changes in the expectant mothers’ bodies. A maternity photography session encourages us to embrace the beauty of pregnancy through these changes, and help us feel empowered and confident as mothers to be.


Top 10 tips for pregnancy photography

As an award winning portrait and maternity photographer London, I specialise in posing women for the most flattering and striking portraits.

How we pose and the styling are some key success factors for having great looking pregnancy photos, and you may find that much of the pregnancy photo shoot poses focus on emphasising the pregnancy belly curves!

Here are my key tips on pregnancy photo shoot poses and ideas.

1. Shoot from the side or at an angle

Most of my maternity photography sessions have the photos taken from the side or at a 45 degrees angle. The side profiles showcase the bumps and highlight the progression of the pregnancy.

When photos of pregnancy women are taken straight from the front, the pregnancy curve may not be as obvious! To counter that, you may wish to reveal the belly, like the featured photo in this article.

2. Wear clothes that are fitted around the pregnancy bump

When the clothing items round around the belly, it enhances the pregnancy curves. Baggy clothing, on the other hand, can make it ambiguous and leave viewers wondering whether the women in photos are pregnant.

3. Put your hands on the top or bottom of pregnancy belly

These gestures create stronger pregnancy curves by clearly identifying the pregnancy bellies in the photos. They also express tenderness of mothers towards their unborn babies.

4. Bend your arms and legs

Bending arms and legs help to create shapes in the female bodies and balance the attention on the pregnancy bump.

5. Capturing silhouette

Capturing pregnant women in silhouettes can be very powerful, as we shift the focus from the mothers’ face to their pregnancy body curves. Personally I find silhouette shots very poetic and impactful!

6. The soothing touch and gentle gaze

Mothers’ love towards children is tender and gentle. You may wish to communicate visually that love for your unborn child by touching or gazing your bellies!


7. Vary your stances among standing up, sitting down or lying down

You are not restricted to standing up for your pregnancy photo shoot. Instead, you can try a variety of poses standing up, sitting down or lying down while applying the above principles.

8. Dreamy shots

Fancy some dreamy pregnancy photos with flowy fabric? This may be one to be taken in professional photography studio rather than at home. This is because technical skills and experience are prime in capturing the dreamy flowy look in frame while maintaining your bodies in perfect poses!

9. Daring shots

Pregnancy is an intimate time for mothers-to-be. You may wish to consider having more intimate style photos among your pregnancy photos. Having fine art styled implied nude photos help convey the tenderness of the pregnancy stage while embracing body changes.


10. Embracing in couples shot

Connection and affection is key to partners taking part in pregnancy photos. Pregnancy photo shoot t is time for hugs and cuddles! It is time for both to embrace the pregnancy belly also!


Should I book a professional maternity photoshoot?

If you are deciding between DIY or hiring a maternity photographer, these are some reasons why you might wish to invest in professional photography for your pregnancy photos:

Expertise and Experience

Professional pregnancy photographers have the skills and experience to capture the beauty of pregnancy in the best possible way. They understand how to pose expectant mothers, work with lighting, and choose the right angles to create stunning images.


In professional maternity photo shoots, you will be investing in artists’ creative vision as well as their skills to execute the vision.


Maternity photographers have a vast array of high-quality photographic and lighting equipment suitable for different needs and concepts.

Access to Props and Wardrobe

Often the maternity gowns worn in photoshoot are designed solely for purpose of maternity photoshoot. The clothing and props in photographers’ studio wardrobe are often hand picked for the best effects.

Comfort and Confidence

Professional photographers can exercise their magic to make expectant mothers feel comfortable and confident during the photoshoot. They provide guidance on posing and expressions, helping you relax and enjoy the experience.

Memorable Experience

A professional maternity photoshoot is not just about the final images; it’s also about the experience itself. Working with a professional photographer can be a fun and memorable experience, creating lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.


Professional maternity photography London

If you’re looking for a professional maternity photographer to capture this amazing time in your life, I would love to to help! As a female award-winning portrait photographer with a passion to empower women through photography, I pay much attention to presenting women in their best light. This is of paramount importance in this fast profound phase in your life.

You can see more of my maternity photography London gallery and learn about my work here. I would love to hear from you should you wish to have me help preserving your pregnancy memories!