10 Frequently Asked Questions about my London pregnancy photo shoots

January 25, 2024

Pregnancy photo shoots is a wonderful and empowering experience for women as they navigate the transformative journey of motherhood. By having the beauty of pregnancy captured through professional photography, women can celebrate and cherish this unique period in their lives. Equally important, these photos from your maternity photo shoot leave behind legacy and reference for your children as they grow up, seeing how they evolve from bumps in mummies’ tummies!

I am frequently asked about the concepts and practicalities of London pregnancy photo shoots, so I would like to share the information with you here.


1. When is the best time to schedule a pregnancy photo shoot?

The timing of a maternity photo shoot is one of the key factors to consider when booking for your shoot!

I would generally recommend having your shoot taken in third trimester, in between 28 and 36 weeks. One main factor is the shape and visibility of the bump. At this time the pregnancy belly should be relatively rounded and prominent, providing obvious focus for the photo shoot. At the same time it makes a statement of this precious stage of your motherhood journey. On the other hand, there is still flexibility in your bodies and hence posing for the photos.

This is probably a time in your late pregnancy that you feel relatively comfortable and energetic, and be able to enjoy the most out of your photo shoot! Many of my clients find it pleasantly emotional during the photo shoot as we record this very special phase in your (and your baby’s) lives. While some women remain well and flexible beyond 36 weeks, we also would like you to be worry free that the babies are not going to arrive before your photo shoot appointment!

2. Do you have a maternity photo shoot studio, or do you shoot on location?

I shoot primarily in my North London portrait photography studio in Crouch End for my pregnancy photography shoot, though I also shoot on location where preferred. These locations can be in the comfort of your own home, or a local park or wood land that appeals to you.

Studio photo shoots generally work well for pregnancy photography for the several reasons:

  1. You can be photographed in various outfits without worrying about where to get changed
  2. You have all the privacy you need for the shoot. In maternity photo shoot you may opt to bare your bump or be semi-nude. The studio environment would allow you to do so with full confidence.
  3. A photography studio is weather proved. At your final stages of pregnancy your general health and wellbeing is of primary importance. By staying indoor you don’t have to worry about catching the rain or a chill in less favourable weather.
  4. A studio environment would allow you to take breaks whenever you need one and you would be able to rest comfortably.
  5. Should you wish to wear the more dramatic maternity dresses in the pregnancy photo shoot, you don’t have to worry about the movements inside the photography studio.

3. How long does a typical maternity photo shoot session last?

The duration of a maternity photography session varies among photographers. For some London maternity photographers, It can be for an hour with you turning up at shoot in your outfit of choice. For other photographers, they can involve longer durations with more comprehensive services, and /or multiple changes of outfits.

My pregnancy photo shoot offering includes a half day (4 hours) session with hair and make-up, guided photo shoot in various outfits and the choice of including your partner and family. You can find more of the details of the session here. It is a half day of pampering and celebration you very much deserve. This is a time for you to thoroughly enjoy your peaceful moments before the joyful chaos of having a new born in the family!

4. How should I prepare for a maternity photography session?

Planning and preparations are always key to the success of a photo shoot. For you as a client, the key of preparation is to find a photographer whose work appeal to you and whom you can trust! It is worth exploring how much support they provide to you in relation to planning your pregnancy photography session.

I offer my clients pre-shoot planning consultations of which we discuss your stage and comfort of pregnancy, your personal style and outfits for the shoot. We will also discuss your preferred makeup and hair styles. If you are intending to bring your partner and /or your family, we will discuss the logistics of that too. Then you can leave the rest of thinking with me. I will make sure I have the right settings, lighting and potentially clothing on hand to create the looks that appeal to you and capture your heart.


5. What type of clothing should I wear for the pregnancy photo shoot?

This is definitely one of the questions I am asked most often for a pregnancy photography shoot! Understandably, we have a much more limited wardrobe for our pregnancy stage compared to our regular wardrobe. We may also tend to dress more casually for more fluid movements on a day-to-day basis. That is why I will guide you in details regarding your photo shoot clothing.

For fashionable casual looks, t-shirts, cropped tops, vests and bandeaus go well with jeans for maternity portraits, whether you choose to bare your tummy or not. Basic colours of white, black and nude (or beige) are often popular.

For dressed-up looks, I would suggest to go for dresses that emphasise your pregnancy belly. May it be fitted dresses that hug your maternity figure all round, or dresses that tuck into your bellies and flare out. Try to avoid baggy clothing that obscure the fact that you are pregnant. Otherwise they defeat the purpose of a pregnancy shoot!

You can also opt for more arty and romantic look, with lengthy flowy fabric wrapping around you. Alternatively, consider trying implied art nude images. Have you come across that iconic Demi Moore cover photo for Vanity Fair magazine? It made a lot of noises in the media when it came out. It was a tasteful elegant example of nude boudoir pregnancy photo.

For more dramatic maternity appearances, I have a collection of maternity dresses in my studio wardrobe that can be on loan during photo shoots. These are dresses I hand pick that fit my criteria of being photogenic. They tend to have more fabric in volume and length than usual dresses. While they are not particularly suitable for, they look amazing on mothers-to-be in photos!


6. Can my partner and /or my children be in part of the pregnancy photo shoot?

Of course! The more the merrier! Your partner and family are all an important part of this journey, and consider this part of the session a ‘family’ photo shoot with the unborn baby already taking shape in your belly. Imagine showing your child one day these family photos. Together you will create memories that your whole family (and extended family members) would cherish. Often these photos are shared with eager grandparents as well!

If you are having me as your London pregnancy photographer, I would discuss in your planning consultation how the family element can come together.


7. How should I pose for maternity photo shoot?

Posing is key when it comes to portrait photography. In pregnancy photography shoot, the emphasis will be on the prominence of the belly, alongside with the female curves. A lot of maternity poses would involve embracing the belly. There will also be profile silhouette shots to highlight those pregnancy curves.

Not all female portrait poses would apply to pregnancy photo shoots as they might present the wrong curves. I would also rule out certain poses as they require more stretching and flexibility than are safe for pregnant women. After all, health and safety is at the forefront of a maternity photo shoot!

I guide my clients 100% in my photo shoot with all details attended. If I am your photographer of choice, then you can relax, having fun and leave me to do my job!

8. What should I do for my hair and makeup for my pregnancy photos?

I would always suggest a soft, natural and timeless makeup for pregnancy photo shoot. We would like to draw the eyes to the belly as the focus. Yet it is important for the mothers-to-be to look beautiful, elegant and radiant. A natural looking makeup does just that. Of course, we would also want to reflect you in the way of how you normally do your own makeup or how you see yourself. A professional makeup artist on site would make sure the right amount of magic happen for your to be camera ready.

How your hair are prepared for the photo shoot very much depend on your hair style, length and personal preference. Similar to makeup, I will recommend a soft hair do, whether it is worn up and down (or we can cover both looks). Again the choice is yours.

My standard maternity photo shoot pricing cover both hair and makeup, as it is important to me that you look amazing for your set of pregnancy photos that you will cherish forever.

9. How much does a pregnancy photo shoot cost?

What a photographer charges for a maternity photo shoot are normally in line with his / her technical expertise, experience, equipment and facilities. If there are makeup artist included in the package, it will also affect the cost.


Photographers may have different pricing structures. Often photographers will charge a session fee that covers the creative session, with product costs charged separately. Some photographers may charge the creative session and products (or images) together in comprehensive packages. I opt for the former pricing structure, so clients can minimise the initial investment and decide what they like and want after they see the pregnancy photo shoot outcome. For those interested in understanding my maternity photo shoot prices, you can visit here.


10. Do you shoot pregnancy boudoir photography?

I do shoot maternity boudoir photography indeed. Being a portrait and a boudoir photographer in London, I cover both genres with the same goal of empowering women. My boudoir photography session is very much about celebrating womanhood and making women feel special, mothers-to-be very much deserve that! Whether you are dressed in lingerie, fabric, day clothes or be in your naked form, the choices are yours when it comes to maternity boudoir.


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As a London maternity photographer, I look forward to exploring the many possibilities with you! Please do reach out to book your exploration call or ask further questions here. It is a phrase in your life that is of limited duration, so if it is on your to-do list, don’t hold out for longer!