The Unstoppable Magazine Cover

August 25, 2022

How much fun can there be to be tasked as the brand photographer to create a modern and stylish front cover photo for Global Woman Magazine titled “We are Unstoppable”? A lot of fun indeed!


Our Cover Girls

Our fun and fearless cover girls include Roneish Myers, Neuza Lopez, Juliet Morrison and Ena Chartier, who are female entrepreneurs and coaches in different disciplines to empower women, helping them shape their mind-set and businesses.

We managed to gather all of these fabulous women together under one roof and have their power women shoot together in our studio!

Styling for the Magazine Cover Photo Shoot

When it comes to branding photos, styling is key for coherent, harmonious images that appeal to the readers. White outfit were agreed as the universal dress code for the shoot. However, just the colour consideration alone is not sufficient – I suggested a variation in styles among the four women to create ascetic interest, as well as to endorse each woman’s personality and individuality. In case you are wondering – yes we agree on the actual outfits to be worn by each woman ahead of the shoot! We did so to make sure the styles are balanced and that the looks are coherent!

Group portrait

I often say to my branding photography clients that posing is KEY in successful portraits. The same applies when it comes to group portraits. Our unstoppable women are posed in the way that they look stylish, empowering yet feminine. Apart from the cover photo chosen, there were a few more group combinations here that are of interest!

We also create portraits for each individual as the lead-in pictures for their own article feature.

Please click on their images below to know a bit more about them and read about their stories.

Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scene photos during the photo shoot, courtesy of our amazing assistant and journalist Angela. After a fun session, we ended the photo shoot on a high and the sparkling wine was out for a toast!

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