What to wear for boudoir photo shoot

May 6, 2023

Have you been pondering about booking a boudoir photography session but hesitating because you don’t know what to wear? Or have you just booked your boudoir photo shoot, but still not sure what you should pack for the shoot? Whichever camp you fall into – please read on for inspirations and ideas!

Boudoir photography session

A boudoir photo shoot is an empowering experience for a woman to express her inner self and beauty in a sensual, private manner. Boudoir effectively is a French word which means the private dressing room.

Dress to feel beautiful

Despite most boudoir photos point you to women in lingerie, the rules of thumb is – whatever makes you feel beautiful and sexy! You can feel sexy in an oversized shirt and nothing else. Just bear in mind – the boudoir photo shoot day is a day about you, nothing but YOU. It is a day you focus on pampering and expressing yourself. Whether you are picking favourite pieces from your wardrobe or going out shopping for pieces ahead of the photo shoot, make sure you include pieces that are quintessentially you. Of course, you can also pick up items that are a bit racier, something that you always want to try out but haven’t found the occasions to wear. Being in a boudoir photography session is a perfect time to get imaginative and adventurous!

Classic Boudoir

Bra and briefs

Classic boudoir often incorporates lingerie wear. The most obvious would be bra with briefs or G-strings. Whether you are into laces or varied fabric, it is important to match them as a set for the maximum atheistic outcome. White, black and red are favourite colours that work on almost everybody. However, if you are fond of colours, most colours would also work for a boudoir shoot. Small patterns and prints also work.  I often check in with my clients on lingerie colours to make sure my set and style for the shoot match their lingerie choices, so the sky is the limit! If you want to pick up some extra colours different from your day-to-day lingerie wear but you are not sure which, some of my suggested colours are mint green, dark green, pink, burgundy and blue. Nude colour lingerie or colour that is too close to your skin tone may not suit if you have fair skin.

The next question when it comes to classic bra set is – should I wear briefs or G-strings? It then comes down to the exposure you desire. If you would like to show off more of the curves of your hips, then G-string is your answer. Otherwise, briefs look great in boudoir photos too! The key is – go for either high waist (snugging on your exact waist line) or low waist options that would best accentuate your waist line.


Bodysuits tend to work for all body types for boudoir photo shoots, whether you go for more modest types or more seductive ones.  They give body shapes extra definition, cover up body parts you may not wish to expose, and create additional visual interest through details of the garment.

Robes and dressing gowns

Robes, whether in see through or solid colour materials, can be worn on their own or team with other lingerie to create versatile looks and layers. They give a hint of the boudoir in its morning wake hours.


Corsets originated in the Victorian era as female underwear, forming the garment structure to give women’s fashion their form. They accentuated the female curves by narrowing in the waistline and creating hour glasses in female bodies. Some corsets can also double as outerwear. Often with lacing or hooks on the back, they may be a bit more cumbersome to put on. Nevertheless, your boudoir photographer or female team can always help you put it on and adjust!


Similar to bodysuits, slips are firm favourites for boudoir photography session, creating a slightly more modest yet feminine and soft look.


I have to say wrapping my female clients in bedsheets is one of my favourite look as a boudoir photographer. It is also a firm favourite among my clients. It gives you the sultry yet effortless look. Think Marilyn Monroe for her infamous in-between bedsheets look by Douglas Kirkland.

Something from your everyday wardrobe

You can think beyond your lingerie drawer in preparation for your boudoir photo shoot. Possibility is, you already own those items that easily transform into intimate style and you would just need to explore them!  

Classic big white shirt

THAT classic big white shirt can be one of yours or your partners’! Let that hang comfortably and loosely on you and button up loosely (or leave it unbuttoned). It can be massively oversized or just a slightly loose fit on you, the two giving a slightly different look and feel.

Oversized jumper & cardigans

Similar to the effect of the big white shirt, they create effortless chic and yet give a soft edge to that sultry look. Texture is the key here; think if knitwear you can twirl around your fingers and feel their softness.

Cropped top

Cropped top require no introduction, it draws emphasis to our waistline while give the overall look a more fashionable approach.

Tanked tops / tees

The simple white tee or tanked top give you that effortless chic and timeless look. Pair them with simple briefs or shorts.

Coat / blazers

Same as robes – wear the blazers on their own or with lingerie wear! They give a striking masculine contrast to the femininity of your lingerie or female body.


Team your jeans with bras or simply topless for that Kate Moss / Calvin Klein jeans inspired fashion look. I have to say that latter is a favourite look for my boudoir photo shoots!

Football shirts

Wearing his favourite football shirts for your boudoir look may be ultra-special for your other halves! Of course they can very well be your favourite football clubs and football shirt that you don’t want to part with.


Can pyjamas be sensible choice for boudoir photo shoot fashion? Yes but I would suggest to break that into parts – either have your pyjamas tops or bottom as your shoot props.

Bridal boudoir

Some of you may be exploring a boudoir photo shoot and concept as you are preparing a wedding present for your loved ones, something that will make his or her wedding day even more special. That’s when bridal boudoir themed photography session comes in. So, what would you wear for your bridal boudoir photo shoot?

My answer is any of the above mentioned items would suit in preparation of your boudoir wedding look. When your other halves see your wedding present (aka beautiful and sensual boudoir photos), you would like them to see you as who you are, and possibly add on a sense of adventure.

Bridal white

To tie in with the bridal theme, I will suggest having some of these items in white on top of your favourite colours. These boudoir photos you gift him /her sets the tone for your wedding day, showing him/ her the intimate side that the other wedding guests would not see.

Bridal accessories

Your bridal accessories such as bridal veil, shoes, or even your wedding dress, can be a part of your wedding boudoir shoot, in harmony with your white bridal lingerie.  

His accessories

His accessories can be a fun addition to your bridal boudoir photo shoot props. They can be part of his wedding outfits or just something closely related to his interests and hobbies. What about his wedding tie on you for that boudoir look?

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Maternity boudoir

You may come across the idea of maternity boudoir should you wish to capture your pregnancy journey in a non-traditional way. It is an intimate way to record the changes to your body and its beautiful curves from this very special period in your life. It is a time you only have months to record it!  


Similar to classic boudoir photography, bra is a popular choice for maternity boudoir look. Make sure you have enough support in your lingerie wear as your sizes possibly vary from your norm. You can choose from different fabric, whether it is lace or more comfortable materials that give you better support and coverage.


Bandeau is a popular alternate to bra that gives you a more contemporary look in your pregnancy boudoir photos.


I love open jeans look for pregnancy boudoir shoot, which emphasise the growing bellies, while mums still look fashionable!


Fabric is a great way to dress up for maternity photo shoot. It gives lots of movement and sense of romance, covers the key private parts while leaving the tummies for the snaps!

Nude or naked boudoir photography

Fine art nude boudoir photography, whether fully or half naked, is a great way to express the beauty of our female bodies. That is a great saying of being comfortable in your own skin. And that’s exactly the vibe I would like to create for your naked boudoir photoshoot looks.

If you want to go for the half naked or implied nude boudoir photo shoot, your options would be to wear only the lower half of your lingerie, or cover in fabric or various clothing items.

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The options of accessories are endless. Think of:

  • Suspenders and garters
  • Stockings
  • High heels
  • Gloves
  • Jewellery
  • Hats
  • Your hobby items
  • His hobby items

Some of these accessories can take centre stage in your photo shoot and be used in lieu of clothing, and they can form key pieces in your implied nude photos.

Boudoir photo shoot is an empowering experience

Are you inspired? Now it is your time to go through your wardrobe (and possibly his) to scout for your favourite boudoir photo shoot clothing items and props! Please visit my boudoir photography gallery for other photos and ideas.

I would love to hear from you (please click here to contact me) if you want to plan or book for a boudoir photography session that will have you walk away feeling fabulous and confident about yourself! I am a London female boudoir photographer, with a passion to empower women through creating the most stunning images of them.