Impress Your Clients with Your Personal Branding Photos

June 23, 2022

What is Personal Branding Photography

Have you come across the term of personal branding photography and wonder what it means?

It is a set of photos that effectively portray you as your own brand. They unfold to your clients and customers what you are like and what your strengths are as a business person. They also showcase to your audience how you can help them with their vision, needs and desire.

A great portfolio of branding photos creates desirability of your products and services, by helping you stand out from the crowd. They give the audience a sense of what it is like working with YOU.


Ashley, owner of Palmdale Motors, car finding agency

Why are Personal Branding Photos Important

We live in a digital era, often our clients and peers meet us through our online prescence as the first touch point, whether it is through our website, social media or third party platform.

We have a limited time span to strike an impression and create trust – it can be only a matter of seconds. As visuals capture our attention and set our imagination far quicker than text, having the right set of images of you in business give users the best sense of what it is like being in business with you.

Is branding photo shoot for me?

You will massively benefit from a branding photo shoot, if:

– you are an entrepreneur or small business owners;

– you are the spoke person of your band

– you services and products are personal;

– clients associate you strongly with your business.

How are branding photos different from head shots

Head shots are close-up photos that reveal your identity, so people can map names to faces. Often head shots are seen on the ‘About’ sections of websites, in various directories, or in social media profiles.

However, they may not give a 360 degree perspective in conveying your key messages to your audience. Your clients and customers may just need a bit more convincing than just knowing your face.

A set of branding photos often incorporate a variety of images from close-up head shots to further-away-photos (whether they be half or full bodies). They give context of what you do, and can incorporate body languages and visual elements that are important to you. At times they can also include images of your offerings. When seen together, these photos tell stories of your band.

Effectively branding photos provide deep dives in your brand and busines. They are carefully planned, styled and crafted, whether in photography studio or in lifestyle format on location or at where you work. At times they can also include your products, tools and places of work to bring the story closer to life. 


Ramona, mindset coach

Why are Branding Photos Important

Big businesses often have an enviable marketing budget. They invest a lot of resources across multiple channels and platforms to convince their customers that they are worth their financial commitment, however big or small. These businesses make sure their brands are recognised and loved. As a small business owner you establish your brand by being the face of your own business, being someone your clients can relate to. Through your visual images and content, you connect with your clients and build that trust. 

A great set of professional personal branding photos help you to wow your audience. They show off your energy and inspire confidence. They help you get noticed and stand out from your competition. They create customer interest in what you offer.

Research shows that an average person only stays on a website for 3-4 seconds before they switch onto the next webpage. Pause that finger on the mouse or touch screen and engage your audience right away! Make them keen to know more about you.

I always say – invest in yourself and your business, and people will invest in you.


Jo, artist

Some personal branding photo tips

  • Look professional. Whichever industry you are in, it is of utmost important to instil the trust element in your clients. They would like to know that you are an expert in your field, reliable and speak of authority.
  • Be approachable. Clients would like to know that they can be direct with you with their ideas, and that you are always be there for them.
  • Be authentic. Showing your authenticity and humanity in your branding photos is a great way to earn trust, such that you come across as genuine and true to yourself. If you are a fun loving person – don’t be afraid to reveal your fun sides in your imageries!

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What should we wear for personal branding photos

As much as I advise clients to look professional in their business photos, it does not mean everyone should get dressed in suits and jackets by default. It comes down to what your profession and your offerings are.

I often suggest to clients that the starting point is to wear what you will normally greet your clients or peers in. From there you can step up and step down lightly, given you can show case a varying degree of formality in your brand story.

There are also other considerations:

  • Would those clothing styles and colour tones match the environment you would like to be photographed in?
  • Do those clothes compliment your look and body shape? Afterall, one of the reasons of engaging a professional photographer is to make sure you look fabulous and awesome!

There is no need to panic though, if it is a consideration that sets you in alert mode. I will provide you with all the guidance you need to find the right clothes, even if that means going through your wardrobe with you!

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Molly, entrepreneur, artist and coach

Find a branding photographer that you feel comfortable to work with

One key for having relaxed natural looking branding photos is to work with someone you feel comfortable with, someone who ‘gets you’, someone who is keen to learn your story.

When you engage me as your branding photographer, we will start from understanding your brand, your unique propositions and approaches. We will agree on the style of images we are going to create for you, build on the brand story and establish how to attract your clients. For me it is of equal importance that your photos help propel your business, and that you look fabulous. I would like you to come away with a set of photos that make you feel confident and proud.

If that sounds good to you, I would love to hear from you, and you can contact me here.

You can also see more of my personal branding portfolio here.