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I am not a model and do not know how to pose. I feel awkward in front of the camera. Can I do this?

Where will the photography session take place?

The creative photography session takes place in my Crouch End studio in North London. I also photograph on location upon demand.

My aim is to empower women by making them look the best ever. They are everyday women like you and me, not experienced models who can strike a pose without much effort. I know how it feels when our photographs deflate us and make us doubt ourselves.

My magic wands include styling, posing and purposeful use of light and equipment.

Please come on the empowerment journey with me and leave behind your worries. You are in good hands.



What makeup should I wear for the photography session?

What should I wear to the portrait photography session?

We will go through styling and clothing during our consultation call, and agree on what clothes to bring to your photography session. I will provide practical advice on what clothing pieces photograph well and most flatter your body shape.

I also have a studio wardrobe selection incorporating dresses and outfits of various sizes. You are free to explore the wardrobe and see what inspire you! Click here to check out our wardrobe collection.

Due to hygiene reasons, I do not provide outfits for boudoir sessions. We will however cover this in our consultation.

The hair styling and makeup services are included in your photography experience package. Let us take that stress off you. You can have that time to chill, unwind and feel pampered. I would normally suggest relatively natural makeup for timeless images; however, it is of utmost importance that we create a look that you love!

I am a qualified makeup artist and I also work alongside a fabulous team. Makeup and photography lighting work seamlessly together to bring out the glamour in you!



Do you photograph male portraits?

Can I combine a portrait and a boudoir photography session?

Of course you can! My aim is to accentuate your femininity and beauty in both cases, regardless of what you wear (or not wear). Both contemporary beauty and boudoir portraits involve skillful posing, lighting and purposeful angles; as well as appreciating your body shape and celebrating your individuality. We cater for several looks in a single session so can do looks in both beauty and boudoir portraits.



How long will a portrait photography session take?

Can I come with someone else to the portrait session?

I would suggest allowing for a leisurely half day for your portrait experience. You may wish to try on a couple of items from our studio wardrobe before being pampered with your hair and makeup. We allow for multiple outfit changes during the shoot to showcase the different sides of you. Generally it is around 3-4 hours for a makeover and individual photo shoot. If your best friend or family members are coming along, it may take longer – we can discuss that in our pre—shoot consultation.

Of course! Why don’t you make it a girls' day out in style? Bring your bestie, your sister, your mum or your daughter! Or a few of them to make it a generations’ shoot! We photograph men and women of all age. Or bring the men of your life – whether it be your partner, your father or your son.



How many outfit changes should i allow for?

What products do you offer? Do you offer prints or digital images?

I do not make it a hard rule on how many outfits to bring or change into. It depends on how many outfits you want to incorporate, how fast you change, the flow of the day. As a guideline 3-4 outfits for a session work well, whether they are outfits you bring or outfits you pick from our studio wardrobe.

I offer print images, and each of the images you purchase also comes with the digital version. When it comes to legacy we would love to be old school. Do you have thousands of phone camera images that never see the day light? Let’s behold the tangible form of images you adore.

My printed images are ready to be framed, showcased or for personal collection. I take pride in using professional printers and artisan suppliers of highest quality. Our products stand the test of time as well as your images.



How do you take payments?

Do you retouch the photos?

We take bank transfers or credit card payments. I can also tailor a payment plan that works for you.

I do edit and retouch photos, and I call it responsible editing.

I believe in exercising my skill sets and getting the images right in the camera in the first go. However it is perfectly fine to smooth out a few imperfections on us. I enhance the photos slightly – nothing too much to make you not you, but enough for you to feel that’s the best version of you.


When will I receive the photos?

Your reveal session normally takes place around 2 weeks from your portrait photography session, when you see the final best images and order what you love. The final products will be available in 2-4 weeks from then, depending on the products you order.