Personal Branding Photography: What to wear for a photoshoot

August 1, 2023

Are you considering scheduling your personal branding photography session but unsure about what to wear to a photo shoot? Does the uncertainty of what to wear hold you back from booking your branding photo shoot? I am a London personal branding photographer with a keen eye for styling and fashion. I would love to help ease your worries by providing expert guidance on selecting best clothing for photoshoot!

What is branding photography?

Let’s start off with what is branding photography and why it is important to you!

Branding photography is focuses on capturing images that represent and enhance a person, company, or organization’s brand identity. It goes beyond traditional portrait photography and aims to create visual content that aligns with the brand’s message, values, and personality. Successful branding photos breathe life into your brands! This is particularly important if you represent your own brand.

With a splash of creativity and a touch of magic, branding photography ensures that your visual presence is consistently uplifting and captivating. Each photo tells a unique and engaging story that resonates with your audience, evoking emotions and leaving a lasting positive impression.

Imagine vibrant colours, joyful moments, and confident expressions that showcase the best version of you and your brand. The images we create together will reflect your passion, values, and personality, forming an authentic connection with your audience.

Why should we have personal brand photos?

In today’s online-driven world, having a strong and consistent online presence is crucial. In the digital age, your personal branding photos are often the first point of contact with potential clients or employers. Having eye-catching and compelling images can leave a lasting positive impression and draw people in to learn more about you and what you offer.

A photo shoot dedicated to your personal brand can be a complete game-changer in elevating you in your various platforms, whether online or offline. Consistent imagery reinforces your brand message and helps you stand out from the competition. They will form a library of professional images ensures you have the right visuals to complement your message and attract attention, whether you’re running ads, creating promotional materials, speaking at events, or having any other public relations exposure.

Considerations of What to Wear for a branding photo shoot

Let’s explore the various aspects to consider in selecting what to wear for a photoshoot and elevating your brand image!

Brand identity

As a London personal branding photographer, I always ask my clients with the following questions to align their photographic images with their brands: what services and products do you provide? Who are your targeted audience? How do you normally present yourselves?

Remember: your brand is what you would like to be perceived in and how your audience can identify with you. Whether it is authority, knowledgeable, fun, exciting, modern, creative.

My suggested starting point in identifying what to wear for a professional photoshoot is – wear to your branding photo shoot what you would wear to greet your clients.

If you are a business consultant, for example, and your clientele are primarily C-suite executives, you are most likely going to look the part wearing suits to client consultations. That will be your primary outfits for your branding shoot. If you are a musician, on the other hand, you may want to convey drama and fun. If you wear uniforms in your profession, incorporating your uniform into your branding outfits can be beneficial.

Some people feel that they need to step up in formality in their clothing style for photo shoots, and it doesn’t need to be the case.

Be authentic

Authenticity and personal style are keys in dressing for personal branding photos. Being authentic and true to yourself is crucial in establishing connection with your audience. Don’t wear clothing items simply to conform to expectations. For instance, if your profession demands formality but you rarely wear full suits, consider tailored dresses for women or suit jackets without ties for men. Alternatively, you can dial up or dial down in formality of what you love wearing by teaming with the right accessories or clothing separates e.g. scarfs, coats. And if you are a fashionista, you can definitely bring your fashion sense into play!


If you have established brand colours, it’s a good idea to incorporate them into your outfits. However, you can also consider the colours used in your key content, like your website. Also consider simply wear colours that you enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Neutral colours generally work well for most professions, while darker colours tend to project formality. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colours if they align with your personality and brand.

Avoid logos and block patterns

I normally suggest clients to avoid block patterns and logos in their outfits. One reason is that they can distract audience from the main focus—YOU. Full logos and patterns might also get partially blocked in certain poses, so it is best to opt for simpler designs that complement your appearance.

Consider locations

For clients who come into my London photography studio for personal branding portraits, I often use different set up and photographic backgrounds to complement clients’ outfits of choice. Where we have agreed on other locations for lifestyle branding photo shoot, we may want to take into account how your clothes fit into the environment. For example, we may want to avoid busy patterns in your outfits if the backdrop is already vibrant and colourful.


Statement accessories that reflect your brand or personal style can add a unique touch to your personal branding photography images. Otherwise, simple and basic jewellery can work well, allowing you and your clothing to take centre stage.

Confidence vs comfort

How you feel will affect how you appear in the photos. If there are certain clothing items that make you feel invincible, they can be great for your power dressing for your branding photo shoot. However it is important to ensure your clothing choices are comfortable also for your to have a pleasant photography session!


Fitted clothing tends to work better for photo shoots, as they will give your body shape more definition. However, it is important to tie in with your clothing style and likes as also. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose, or have too many embellishments.

Specific purposes

If you would like to create bespoke branding images for certain scenes or brand stories, you may wish to incorporate clothing or custom specific to those scenes. You can also accompany with related props accordingly to strengthen the narratives.


You may want to consider seasonality based on usage of the photos. If they are for marketing activities of any seasonal promotions, it is best to dress accordingly, even if it means you have to dress ahead of the season.

If you would like your photos to be relevant all year round and you are having a photo shoot in the winter, consider layering your clothes. We can also plan for having a good proportion of your shoot taken indoor to stay warm and comfortable.


I always encourage my clients to make the most out of their branding photography session by having multiple outfits, when they are considering what to wear to a photo shoot. I aim to achieve a diversity of looks in our branding photo shoot so they will have an effective library of professional personal branding photos in their portfolio for diversified usages and purposes. The variety in photos will also help show case your authenticity.

Branding photography outfits for small groups

Consistency is key for branding or corporate photos across a collective of individuals presented as a group. This applies whether you would like to present your branding photos as a set of individual photos or as group shots. It is important that the colour tone, style, formality and seasonality is consistent among all the individuals. Except where all members wear suits, I will encourage a blend of clothing style and texture, as well as a variation in colours within similar tone. 

Having me as your branding photographer

If you are contemplating having some effective yet stunning personal branding images, I would be delighted to be your branding photographer. Apart from guiding you what to wear to a photo shoot as I have provided tips here, I would also guide you on photo concepts, execution, styling and locations. We will be fully prepared and informed which is crucial for a successful branding photo shoot.

Apart from being an awarded winning London portrait photographer, I have always had a keen eye on all the elements that make individuals look their best. I am a qualified makeup artist, have achieved an art diploma with fashion design focus, and have completed several fashion styling courses in the prestigious Central St Martin’s College.  

You can see more of my branding photography gallery here.

The uplifting spirit of branding photography will elevate your brand and empower you to stand out in a crowd, leaving a positive and lasting impression on all who encounter your visual journey.