Why Do we Take Magazine Style Portraits

November 7, 2022

We all deserve magazine worthy photos

Have you ever turned those magazine pages and wonder what you would have looked like on that magazine cover, or on those double spreads? If you ever think great photos are only for models and celebrities – think again.

Drop dead gorgeous photos can be for every day woman like you and me. They are not exclusive to famous people. You can have someone to design, plan and style a photography session that will give you the star quality in your photos.

Experience the pampering and glamour. Be the cover girl in your own life.

Time to celebrate who we are

We spend a big part of our lives fulfilling our roles and what are expected of us. We leave little time to be ourselves, or to look after ourselves.

It is our time to own up to who we are. It is time for self-care and pampering. It is time to feel great and confident about ourselves. It is time to make the mark and leave behind our legacy.

Imagine having a set of your stunning portraits that help you remind how beautiful you are, at any point in time.

We cater for any styles do make you feel beautiful, powerful and confident.

But I don’t know how to pose for photographs

This is what I hear the most, when people hesitate to have their professional photographs taken.

Models are not born with the skills to pose. They learn it as part of their trade.

I do not expect you to learn it ahead of coming into the portrait photography session. (Though some clients do ask me how they should prepare for their posing!) I am your posing coach for the day. I will guide you on how to stand or sit, where to turn your face, where to look or place your hands, down to every single detail. I just need you to light up the sparks inside you.

You might think you are not photogenic. I will however be exploring your angles and features to present the best sides of you. Together with best lighting practice and posing guidance, being photogenic can be learnt and enhanced. As a woman I understand how to make a woman look her best.

I guide you through your poses, step-by-step, so there is nothing to worry about. Just be prepared for a fun time!

Not knowing what to wear for your portrait sessions?

We have got that covered!

Similar to magazine editorial concept, the shoots are planned and there are detailed thoughts on styling before the photo shoot actually take place, as styling is a key piece of the jigsaw on the final image outcome.

Some clothes accentuate body shapes and some don’t. Wearing clothes that flatter you and represent you complete the look, and give you the confidence you need in front of the camera.

Therefore I will guide you in length in your pre-shoot consultation on what to wear. This can involve going through key pieces in your wardrobe, or assist you in deciding what clothing items to invest in for the shoot. We have also got a studio wardrobe with selected glamour pieces in various sizes. They are items that you may not own in a day-to-day wardrobe, and we know they will photograph well. Click here to see more of our dresses.

These are only a few dresses from our studio wardrobe. Click on the link above to see more!

What about hair and makeup?

We take care of that too!

Celebrities have their hair and makeup expertly done before they have their photographs taken, so should you! Not only does professional makeup make you look amazing, as part of our offering they make you feel amazing as well.

The hair and makeup will either be performed by myself (I am also a qualified makeup artist if you read my bio), or by any other professional makeup artists, and we create looks for you that make you feel not only you, but the most amazing you.

Example of a glamour photo shoot with us

Want to see the possibilities? Do check out our Before & After and portraits gallery for more ideas!

What are the next step?

If you like the sound of all these, please contact me here for a no obligation initial consultation to see what I can do for you!

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Be fearless. Be confident. Be yourself.