Magazine cover branding photo shoot at London Home Grown Club

June 1, 2023

What happens when we have 4 beautiful ladies come together for a magazine cover photo shoot for Global Woman Magazine in a prestigious London private member club Home Grown?

We had a lot of fun and some beautiful photos in a beautiful setting! It was such a pleasure of mine to work with these wonderful ladies in their branding portrait photo shoot.

A Branding Photo Shoot: Group Portraits

When it comes to a group portraits, posing is vital to ensure the best atheistic and composition of the group. It involves ensuring every member in the group looking fabulous individually, as well as together as a group. It is also important to showcase the dynamics and connection in between members.


For this magazine front cover, we aimed to showcase the strength of these women as female managers in the private club, as well as their femininity.

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Home Grown Club as a fabulous photo shoot location

As a London portrait and branding photographer, I come across events in Home Grown Club often. It is a popular and well regarded business and social space for bright minds, dynamic entrepreneurs and investors. On a regular basis there are a multitude of members’ events that support the growth of scaling: Their Food for Thought Supper Series, speed networking, monthly Meet the Members, Masters of Scale and pitching evenings, and, in their F*ck Up Club (I love the name), learn from others’ mistakes. And of course many members just choose to spend their time working or meeting business counterparts in the club’s alluring settings, which is laid out in a Grade II listed townhouse in a prime Central London location.

For entrepreneurs Home Grown Club is a fantastic working, meeting and social space; for portrait photographers like myself, this private member’s club is filled with photogenic corners with various themes in different rooms, adorned with pastel colors, patterned wall paper, gold trims and unusual furniture.


Introducing the branding photo shoot cover stars

Our cover girls all shine in their own rights – whether in their jobs or in their branding portraits. Introducing these gorgeous women:

Jessica Barwell – an accomplished and diligent marketer who has invested herself and the best she has of herself every chance she has had to. Her drive shines through to make her an entrepreneurial mind with an edge to rise above competition.

Isobel Apter – an altruistic team player, Isobel finds strength in trust—which lead her to important and self-reflective lessons in life. She champions an indomitable determination to work hard and certainly finds herself in her element as a membership manager.

Aixa Sala — a beautiful spirit complimented by sound principles. She has had her luck in areas she could not control and is determined to keep growing, whilst learning along the way.

Victoria Fellows has led the relations sector of the Membership department at Home Grown with gleaming success. A big part of what drives Victoria is being a leader to her daughters and seeing them grow into a fulfilling and rewarding life. Home Grown has achieved heights of success which can in part been explained by Victoria’s community spirit.

Behind the scene of a branding photo shoot

On the day of the shoot, we had two talented makeup artists Rich and Lamina helping to set off the preparation by beautifying our cover girls, while I started setting up for the shoot in their Saloon – a room with an opulent gold themed wall paper, colourful sofas and a fireplace centre piece.

As we settled into the shoot, furniture have been moved around to work out the best setting for each individual shot and made room for lighting equipment. We also squeezed in some shots in other corners of the club when we made sure the other members were not disturbed.

All the girls had busy schedules during the day but we managed to maximise our time spent together for their solo portrait photography session. When all members are ready to come into one room together for their group portrait, we decided that the golden wall paper with the glorious peacock work best as backdrop for their power group shot. We arranged for various poses till we were satisfied we had the best shots.

What do you think of the final portrait of choice for our magazine cover photo?

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Your magazine style branding photo shoot

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