A Colourful Branding Photo Shoot with Entrepreneur Molly

October 11, 2022

Showcase your personality in your personal brand photos

As a branding photographer, I always preach that brand photos should be reflective of your personality to make sure you stand out in the crowd. The audience should get to ‘know’ you before meeting you in person.

What happens when I work with an entrepreneur that has a passion for bright colours? Show off her true colours in her branding photos!

Molly is a serial female entrepreneur that started off her business journey at the young age 9, selling ice cream during her school holidays. While studying in business college in Kazakhstan, she ran a boutique selling kids clothes. Other business ventures during her college years included running a lounge bar and selling business plans. With her university degree and a passion in helping to grow future generations, she became a lecturer in business studies.

She long had a calling for London, and decided to come here after her husband’s sudden death. Despite being a new resident in the city, she quickly started up her own business advisory firm, while concurrently studying coaching and raising her two children as a single mother. With her great talent in painting, she also studied art and progressed as an artist.

That was a brief description of how ‘colourful’ her life story and business settings are! At the same time, strong colours are reflected in the way she dresses and she paints. So we agreed on having the shoot take place in her South Kensington apartment, with her posing among her bright but surprisingly calming paintings (There is a spiritual science in her paintings!). She has also chosen a few colourful statement outfits, designed by Somy London for strong but feminine women.

More than just personal branding in your bespoke photo shoot

Not only did we photograph Molly among her paintings – we also photograph her paintings individually for her art catalogue. A close-up shot of her painting is used for her ebook cover, titled ‘Moving On: 7 Steps from Stress to Success’.

For those who are interested in reading more about what she has learnt from her businesses, you can read her magazine article in Global Woman magazine here, with photos from our personal brand photo shoot.

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