A day of Lifestyle Branding Photo Shoot with Devya

September 1, 2022

Devya is a remarkable woman that I had the joy to photograph for her branding photos.

Being a recruitment consultant with her own company, Devya has a wealth of wisdom and experience in her. By helping people find their ideal roles, she has embarked on a journey of empowering candidates and helping them understand what suit them the most. She then decides to undergo coaching training programmes and extends her offering with career coaching. Now with her company Athwal Resourcing, you can benefit from both services from her!

Devya is a very balanced person – she works hard, but also pays attention to other aspects of life and her well-being. When we designed her branding photos, she very much wanted to emphasise that. She wanted the others to see that one can have a career as well as lifestyle; that work can integrate into life not the other way round. So I was tasked to capture Devya on a regular work day, at her family home and other local hangout in Wolverhampton. The photo shoot took place in celebration of Devya’s 10th anniversary in business.

We had her starting the day, making herself a tea and some breakfast in the kitchen, then sitting down in her front porch to prepare for the day, read and catch up with messages.

Her day involves seeing clients and providing coaching in her office, and working at her desk. She might head out in the car to attend client meetings, or have meetings in a café, bar or other places.

During the day she also spends time in the garden, exercises and takes her dog for a walk. Occasionally there may be a nice drink or meal somewhere to wind down or catch up with the others socially.

There is a pleasant blend of professional and personal lives in her everyday routine; it is a joy to see that this is so achievable with the right mind set and career choice.

For those who are interested in knowing more about how she developed her career and expertise, you can read her magazine article in Business Woman Today.

Now here are some photos from the shoot!

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